Spotify, pandora,?

First of all I want to say I really like the idea of this project and the enthusiasm. Out of the box for picroft it seems though that mycroft does not currently work as the demo shows which is kinda a bummer.

Can someone please guide me in getting one of them up and running with the latest picroft image?

Also, would like to understand know how to change the name (is it just changing the phoneme and listening word on the advanced settings page)?


For your second question, yes, changing the phoneme changes the name.

Right now spotify and pandora are still in the works, but checkout the community submitted skills for some that could work:

This I believe should work:

Quick question:
I added the skill, but part of the pianobar-skill says "you will need a config file in the .config/pianobar/config file of whichever user is running the pianobar process "

I don’t really understand this, can you expand on it please?

Try following the newest instructions for that skill here: