Spinning blue lights then nothing

Haven’t had Mycroft on for a long time due to remodeling, etc. When first powered on the blue lights were spinning in circles. But nothing more would happen. Powered off and back on and now no display at all. Are there some troubleshooting steps that can be taken?

Thanks for reporting this @Allan_May.

Our Mark 1 boot sequence documentation has some tips on how to troubleshoot this.

Essentially what has happened here is that the firmware on the Arduino that controls the Neopixel eyes has become corrupted, and we need to get the Mark 1 to “rewrite” or “flash” the Arduino. We do that by powering down for 30 seconds, then re-connecting power.

I tried that already and the display does nothing after the 30 second power down and reboot. Tonight after it had sat unplugged for a few hours I reapplied power and it did come back on and went right to the spinning blue eyes again. I unplugged, waited 30 seconds, plugged power in and the screen is completely blank. No spinning eyes and no boot up.

I would pull the sd card and reflash it.

If you get to spinning eyes, can you ssh into it? (if you haven’t enabled ssh that’s in the docs as well)

@baconator is right on this one - if you’ve already tried the reboot / flashing the Arduino, then it’s likely that the Micro SD card inside has become corrupted and needs to be replaced. You will need a long-handled T10 torx screwdriver in order to get into the case.

The other option here is to try three or four reboots - I’ve seen it take six or seven ‘flashes’ of the Arduino to get it to re-flash properly.

The symptoms you’re experiencing aren’t exactly what we normally see when there is a corrupted Micro SD card, so it might be worth trying a few reboots first.

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Where can I find instructions on re-flashing the SD card, download location, etc. etc. ?

Hi @Allan_May, we have that process documented here:

I was able to Google everything over the weekend and my Mycroft is up and running again. Thanks for your help.

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You’re very welcome! We’re here to help :slight_smile: