Speaker works with desktop but not Mycroft

I got a Honkyob mini usb speaker and I can’t seem to get it working with picroft on my raspberry pi 3 b+ I used the setup wizard to tell it to use usb and I have the volume as high as it will go I know that it works with the raspberry pi because when I tried booting into the desktop and playing a sound test video on YouTube it worked but when I switch back to the booting into the command line interface it doesn’t work

I just realized that the speaker only works if the volume is at the highest it can go or just below that might be part of the problem too

I tried the same speaker and it doesn’t work…maybe I will try to set it to maximum and see…I think the 3.5 mm jack on the PI would be better instead of a USB speaker…I thing there are drivers that are missing for this USB powered device. I am going to try that.