Speach to text file - SIP / VOIP

Is there a skill or a way to produce a text file from speach in mycroft ? I saw https://github.com/JarbasAI/mycroft-dictation-skill which I would need to modify but I am asking if there is something already available.

I am in the process of creating sip/voip in mycroft, everything is working so far with preconfigured contacts. What I am missing is the dial part.

Set up a local copy of mozilla TTS and run that would probably be easiest. Or another tacotron. Or any other end-to-end tts tool that has pre-built models.

You could also try mimic(1), but that sounds a bit clunky.

have fun

Thanks for the replies.
The only thing I would need is to get a text file from a speach.

I modified the .baresip/account to register with my provider but now i cannot get contacts to work in skill-voip. I tried editings in file .baresip/contacts, when I launch baresip from cli I see the contacts but it is not listed form mycroft-cli with command “contacts list”. I checked .baresip/mycroft_sip but not sure how to mod it.

This is the main reason I wanted it. Currently put chrome speech to text and felt a little overwhelmed by installing deep speech even though it looked like all you had to do was copy and paste the stript.