Source code for mycroft home?

Where is the source for the home? If we want to run on our own private server?

Is there a base framework with registration id example in github somewhere?

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Same question here… I’d like to know where that web code is and run it locally.

@ealbers @subscripciones our web code is not open source but we offer the ability to swap out api keys instead of using our service.

But the STT and TTS functions would require the mycroft home to work right?

TTS does not require mycroft home. STT only requires home if you want to use our STT services. There are people who are able to use mycroft without our backend, but it’ll take some work.

You should have a minimal open source back end for people to use mycroft.

I’m afraid a “slightly imprisoned political prisoner” is still one in prison…

Remember, if the goal of a open source project is to hook people on ANY service you provide, you are NOT open source. The service must also be free, or else the cage is still a cage, gilded tho it may be.

Thanks for your comments @ealbers.

You may not be aware that you can de-couple Mycroft-core from the Mycroft Home backend if desired - in effect - opening the gilded cage. However, you would then need to provide all the abstraction services that Mycroft Home provides via your own services.

Regards, Kathy