Sound output missing rights

Hey there,

i was having some problems with my mic because pulseaudio was missing.
I installed it with sudo apt install pulseaudio.
Now the mic works but i get no sound output anymore.

I think this is because some file needs more rights.
when i do bash
it says: amixer:unable to find simple control 'PCM', 0

If i do same command with sudo, i dont get the error, but then it cant locate the mycroft files anymore (because it doesnt have the virtualenv anymore?)

Edit: After 4 or 5 reboots it does work again, but the volume is way too low… How can i adjust this?

Found the voice command for volume, finally solved.

Hi there @mracreep, so that we can help you better, can you please let us know;

  • What type of Mycroft Device you’re using - Mark 1, Linux or Raspberry Pi?
  • What sort of install you’re using - ie install from a disk image or from GitHub?