Sound always go through hdmi

hi, I have problem. I can’t get sound on 3.5mm jack output even if I change use audio output with “pack set-default-sink”
I have only 2 output choices :

  • alsa_output.platform-bcm2835_audio.analog-mono2
    even with the wizard setup when I choose 3.5mm jack sound go through hdmi…
    do you know how to get sound on 3.5mm jack?

Hi @ewaca:

Same happens to me recently I guest you’re using a Rasberry Pi with PiCroft.
I solved following the steps here:

And disconneting the monitor (hdmi output) and getting access throught SSH, previously I configured the Wifi.

Later I changed a few things because was trying with different microphones, end up buying the “Playstation 3 Eye PS3” for input.


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Hey guys, please try to edit your mycroft.conf like mentioned here: Picroft - No sound with 3.5mm jack output

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