Sorry I'm Lost Here, Running the MicroSD Card the 1st Time in me R' Pi 3 Model B+ Mycroft Picroft

Please Help, I’m Stuck on the 1st Command Prompt, When I follow the instruction 2 Type mycroft-cli-client, it just complains / returns w/ /usr/bin/python: Error while finding module specification for ‘mycroft.client.text’. (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘mycroft’) Of course I’ve Searched All over the iNet 4 the answer, But there’s Nun 2 be Found ( I Wish I had an AI 2 Help me Solve this! ) & I haven’t been offered a Guided Setup like I’ve seen on several *Tube Videos, I’ve sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ( it Obeyed w/ maybe 20 mins of updates & upgrades, But Alas the same Error when I Type mycroft-cli-client, or Trying 2 Find the Latest Mycroft Picroft image that’ll Run on the aforementioned Pi. The version that I’ve being 2023-04-02-picroft-weekly-dev-arm64.img Please Help!!! ;-)K

Mycroft is dead, you should move to OVOS or Neon

Thanx JarbasAI 4 your Prompt Reply. I’ll Research those AI Choices, I assume they’re Free & Open Sauce. Do yoU by any chance know if either Neon or OVOS will Run w/ aRch Linux which I’m Assured by Good Authority Runs Fewer Resources than Debian ( Altho I’ve had more eXperience w/ Debi’ & it’ll be a Learning Challenge w/ the Different aRch Commands ) ;-)K

The OVOS installer supports arch