Sonos controller

Hi, everyone!

I just ordered my Mark II via kickstarter; I have to say I am genuinely excited about the tech behind this little device.

One of the features I’m hoping will be enabled is being able to have mycroft control my sonos speakers. I’ve checked the forums here and was very surprised to find only one post mentioning sonos… Strange there seems to be little demand for what must surely be considered a very useful implementation of voice control. Surely.

Anyhoo, there’s still plenty of time. Perhaps some kindly chap is able to get this up and running by the time MKII ships.


SoCo appears to be a viable means of control:

Start learning python and maybe you can make a skill to utilize it within mycroft? :slight_smile:

Yes, I tested soco on MarkI and the rpi version. It certainly works.

Got a testing script online. Not yet made into a skill, but planning to convert it soon.

Chromecast and sonos script

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