Some Word Coming From Mycroft.AI Leadership(?)

This is from the Mycroft AI Telegram group:

@krisgesling wrote yesterday (January 15th, 2023):

Hey there, I can promise you a roadmap update including Dinkum by the end of January

In answer to a someone asking yesterday (January 15th, 2023):

@krisgesling @Michael @Eric When will Mycroft AI break its “radio silence” and start communicating its solution out of the current lack of skills on Dinkum (what we might call the Dinkum Dilemma) on the Mark II?

After they hadn’t gotten a response to this Jan 11th post:

@Eric @krisgesling , When will Mycroft.AI start communicating about how Dinkum will be brought up to par? There is silence from the company about this since the move to Dinkum was initiated and the community is shocked to receive the Mark II with beta quality software, in a number of ways actually less capable than previous iterations.

The silence is dragging on and instead of firm commitment and plans to make it right very soon, we’ve only received the vision of another future potential, the Grokotron (how long would that take to bring to market I wonder?). Meanwhile Mycroft.AIis in danger of self-destruction if it does not quickly pull itself together and address the Dinkum elephant in the room.

We’re pulling for y’all, but you have got to step up and take care of business, or the sourness and anger of the community resulting from these questionable decisions and then the long disrespectful silence will simply crush the company.


I suspect you intended this to reach a different ‘Eric’ - I’m just an early investor who bought the Mark-II back in 2019 and is still patiently waiting for a unit. Four years is a long time to maintain optimism and confidence. :wink:


This post was in anticipation of this announcement: Update from the CEO: Part 1

Lewis just said they laid a bunch of people off recently, but kept the lawyer. and my guess is it’s because they knew they were closing shop and wanted to pocket as much of the remaining money as possible.

it’s funny if you look at the SEC filing vs what they said on Kickstarter. On the SEC filing they say things like “even if we raise the maximum sought in this offering, we may need to raise more money in teh future to be able to start manufacturing”. holy crap I never wouldve bought in if I’d known that.

geez, the sec filing makes it sound like they never planned on shipping a product.

oh and it says the treasurer was Kris Adair and she made 186k a year, while Joshua Montgomery made 10k. but they’re married. So 196k a year between them. They both left in may.

This whole thing is a mess.

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Also from Telegram on the 1st of Feb:

Just posted by our CEO in the Forums about Dinkum:
“Currently, our primary goal for Dinkum is to make it functional without depending on Selene. This is in testing now. We’ve also fixed a number of bugs. Whether we have the ability to provide further updates depends on… well, on whether we have any employees. It also will depend on the customers’ demand for those updates, or if the Neon-led revamp of the Classic Core will better suit their needs.”

Regarding salaries, I’ve heard this raised a few times, and I wanted to provide some comparative data. According to Zip Recruiter the average salary of a CFO at startups in the US is $122,807 and the average salary for a CEO at a startup is $107,065, so collectively the average would be: $229,872. Which would put the salaries of our CFO and CEO at the time as being 15% below the industry average.

So that would mean it would not have to “phone home” to at boot time in order to function, right? Is there any chance that mycroft-core could be separated from Selene or is it just plain dead?

-Mike Mac

With the risk of getting into a “Yes against No” discussion here, let me first highlite that as you are the last man standing in the company, so if you are fine with it that is perfectly fine. Bare in mind, if Mycroft A.I would have succeeded nobody would have questioned it.

However, that is not the case…

We are talking about a failed endavour from which certain numbers are available online, so there is in my oppinion nothing wrong with being critical about how things went. And again, I am not blaming anyone, it is in the past and it is what it it.

So as reaction;

Just looking at some very basic average CEO salaries without further context does not justify it in my oppinion. You need to take the amount of investments, the industry and the stage of the startup into account.

I believe Mycroft A.I. raised about $5M in venture capital
And about $1M from crowd funding from Kickstarter and Indiegogo to start prototyping their proof of concept model (the original design)

This is all around 2017 and as the crowdfunding campaign showed; They where in concept stage, where they raised crowdfunding money for prototyping.

If you then look a bit further then global average number without any context and start looking at the amount of investments and the stage of the company at that time and looking at the median instead of the average. (And this is just first page google hit)


Having salaries more in the range as Michael took ($40M - $50M) where more appropriate.

Just being critical here when the so called shit hit the fan.


We’re happy for any dependency on the backend to be removed from mycroft-core too, but that would be up to whoever is managing that repository.

I honestly don’t have time for hypothesizing on former employees salaries, which at the end of the day wouldn’t have changed anything even if they’d been paid half of what they were. I’m sure you can find any data to support some position. I too just took the first relevant result from a DDG search.