[SOLVED] No write permission

When I try to modify a skill that came pre-loaded on my picroft, the OS warns me that I have no write permission. The same issue occurred when I attempted to edit the “/etc/mycroft/mycroft.conf” file in an effort to connect a bluetooth speaker. Does anyone know of a way I can circumvent these issues?


Depends on what user you’re attempting to do things as. If you log in via ssh as the pi user, then try to edit files, it’s probably not going to work. Are you sudo’ing to a different user (ie, mycroft)?

Hi there @astroCoder-3409,

It really helps us help you if you’re able to paste the exact error message.

Have you tried doing sudo nano or sudo vi to edit the file?

Best, Kathy

This command did the trick. Thanks!

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Thanks so much @astroCoder-3409 for letting us know this worked! Happy Mycroft-ing!