[SOLVED] Mark I does not speak

Just started on May 29th. Responds to commands, but does not ‘speak’ responses. Reboot does not resolve.

OK, I’ve seen this a couple of times now.

If Mycroft is put to sleep, say overnight, and an upgrade occurs, the volume does not reset, but a reboot should fix this issue.

Can you say Hey Mycroft, wakey wakey and see if that brings sound back?

This issue is documented here.

It isn’t that I don’t have sound, I don’t hear ‘speech’.

Example - if I say ‘Mycroft flip a coin’, I hear the coin flip sound, but the voice speaking ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ is not heard.

Ah, this is very helpful information, thank you @tiredoftry.

This sounds like a Text to Speech (TTS) problem. Are you using the default TTS (mimic), or another TTS (like Google) - ie have you changed your default TTS settings at all?

I am using the Google voice. I will try the default one tonight and let you know the results.

I know it did the update, but it was working for several days after that with the only ‘update’ issue being I had to log in to home.mycroft.ai and select ‘Google’ as the voice again. It showed selected, but the voice was the default. Re-selecting and saving the voice resolved that issue.

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Could be there were some updates still pending (I had rebooted 3 times with hours between each one). I also did an OS update & upgrade last night as well, but she wasn’t speaking after that either.

I think the thought of her getting changed back to the default voice scared her. I got home, didn’t make any changes and she is speaking to me again.

Thanks for the responses and assistance.

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Anytime! We’re here to help!
Thanks for confirming she’s working again :wink:

Well, she is doing it again.

Seems like every time there is any update she has issues with speech (not sounds) afterwards.

This time she had yellow eyes for several days. I plugged her into a ethernet cable and she went to blue eyes, but she was back to defaults on a lot of settings (and skills) and doesn’t talk.

SSH was still enabled, but no password worked. I connected a monitor and keyboard and set the password via terminal and can now SSH again.

I have SSHed and ‘sudo’ ran both ‘update’ and ‘upgrade’ several times until there were no updates found.

I have rebooted her close to 30 times over the past week trying things to resolve the issue.

Anyone have any ideas?

Again, the issue is - after a reboot where it appears there was an update, Mycroft does not speak. Sounds work. When I say ‘Hey Mycroft’, she makes the ‘I heard you sound’, but she does not speak any results, date, time, weather…

This is exactly what I had on my Linux install yesterday. “Hey Mycroft”, “Beep”, “what is the time”,
It answered on the CLI screen but no speech. I switched to Mimic and all was restored. Try that @tiredoftry.

Tired that and no go. Same thing with Mimic or Google. To confirm the settings were updated, I also changed the format of the date and this was changed.

Hi there @tiredoftry, thanks for reporting this issue.

I’ve replicated it here with my account as well, we’ll dig into it for you.
As a workaround, you can use the Mimic TTS voice.

Thanks for the update. Glad it can be reproduced and look forward to a fix.

FYI, changing to the Mimic voice does not resolve the issue for me. She doesn’t speak on it either.

Well, she is back again.

I did connect via SSH and do ‘update’ and ‘upgrade’ s, but this did not do anything to help. I also manually installed the Google TTS service (gTTS), but this too showed no results.

Tonight, I got home and did my normal ‘test’. I said, ‘Hey MyCroft. What days is it’. She showed the date and seemed like today would be another quite display and then she ‘said’ the date.

Wahoo!!.. but… Why???

Is there anything, any log, and way to tell if anything was updated, installed, changed, etc since last night? It would be nice to know ‘why’ she is talking again.

Hey there @tiredoftry, I can certainly help with that :wink:

The 18.8.2 software release shipped last night, and Mark 1 will automatically pull in new releases of software. This release included a fix to the version of gTTS that resolved the TTS-not-working-if-Google-voice-selected bug you reported.

You can see the update logs at /var/log/mycroft if you SSH into the Mark 1.

Ah, wonderful. As always thank you Kathy for the quick response and for the attentiveness with us.


You’re very welcome! We really see our support as something that sets us apart, not just from other open source offerings, but the entire voice market in general. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you see any other glitches :wink:

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Had this with mine. It has to get through its updating. Plus I have noted that the update process can hang up, because it is trying to update a modified package and needs user response to proceed. Best to jump on SSH and manually run the updates to capture that. Rightly or wrongly I advised it to take the new update…