[SOLVED] Mark 1 webpage links broken when blocking trackers

Congrats on the Mark 1 being available for purchase now!

Unfortunately, clicking any links on Mycroft Mark 1 - Mycroft just plain doesn’t work in my browser. I checked the source and found that they’re not actually links, but everything seems to be done in JavaScript, and even worse, some of the user tracking scripts are apparently used in a way that breaks those non-links entirely when they’re not available.

I don’t like my personal data and browsing behaviour being sent to marketing companies, so I block those tracking scripts by default, and I’m sure a lot of other people in the target audience for mycroft devices does the same.

As I couldn’t find a GitHub repo for the website, I’m creating it as a bug report here. Hope that’s ok, and if not maybe you can point me to the correct location for website bugs. Thank you.

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Thanks for reporting this! I can confirm, it happens for me as well. I’m running default Chrome on Android so it looks like it’s unrelated to blocking tracking scripts. I’ll repost this so that hopefully we can get this fixed soon. Thanks again for reporting.

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Thanks for flagging this @raucao, I’m actively investigating this now.

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@raucao I’ve reverted a change to the site, which is likely the reason that the Mark 1 page links were broken. It looks good to me, but could I please get you to confirm?
Thanks, Kathy

Cool, works for me too.

I’m glad it works now, so I can link more people to the page. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks for checking @raucao!