[SOLVED] Installing new skills under Linux

Hi all, I am new to the forum.
I have just installed mycroft on a linux laptop and it works fine.
I cannot find guidance on how to install a new skill from github into my installation.
I can download a folder of files from github e.g. krunner-search-skills-master but I dont know what to do with it.
I have searched this forum and I have searched github.
Oddly the readme files for each new skill contains no advice on installation which I thought was odd.
I got into the skills manager but again it does not explain how to install a skill from github.

Hi @carisbrookes, welcome to Mycroft, and great to have you with us.

There are a couple of ways to approach installing Skills in Linux;

Using msm

The Mycroft Skills Manager - msm - is designed to help install Skills on all platforms.

To run msm under Linux, first do source venv-activate.sh then you can run all the msm commands.

For example, you can do;


By installing into /opt/mycroft/skills

Alternatively, you can place the Skill directory into /opt/mycroft/skills. Ensure the directory of the Skill can execute as the logged in user.

Please let us know how you go.

Thank you for your swift response. I decided to test this with krunner-search-skills-master:

Latitude-E6430:~/mycroft-core$ msm install https://github.com/AIIX/krunner-search-skill
INFO - Downloading skill: https://github.com/AIIX/krunner-search-skill
INFO - Installing requirements.txt for krunner-search-skill
INFO - Successfully installed krunner-search-skill

Sadly every suggested question such as "Hey Mycroft, display recent files " was met with "an error occurred while processing a request in krunner plasma desktop skill.

But at least it installed thanks

Hi @carisbrookes, apologies for the delay in response.

Are you able to run the command
cat /var/log/mycroft/skills.log | grep -i error | grep -i krunner

that might tell us what’s going wrong with the krunner Skill.

Best, Kathy

Thank you for your help Kathy but sadly I have decided not to continue with Mycroft.
I was hoping to ‘hook’ my own existing “ai assistant” into mycroft and make use of its greater skills base.
It is a raspberry pi running a python, web server+ANN+skills library with wifi hooks into ‘google home’ units providing voice i/o.
Sadly Mycroft appears too mature for my forking ability without considerable support from kind folk like yourself, so I will respectfully look at other options.
Thanks again.

No problem, thanks for letting us know, and best wishes for your AI assistant :slight_smile: