[SOLVED] HTTPError: The user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time

Hi! I really appreciate your work and I’m in love with this project. As I was testing Mycroft I got into a HTTPError: The user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time.

My configuration is Mycroft for Linux, installed on a clean Rasspbian image. I tested it and enjoyed it for a few weeks now and suddenly it stopped working, giving me the error mentioned above and the vocal feedback : I’m having trouble communicating with the Mycroft services. Please give me a few minutes before trying to speak to me.

I’ve tried shutting the system off overnight and after more than 12 Hours, powering everything on again and still no success. I have uninstalled with sudo rm -R skill-name the last 3 or 4 installed skills, trying to guess if they were sending too many requests. I have tried a msm update and also a lot of reboots and services restarting. What should I know more about this issue and how can make the things work again? Thank you very much!


OK, the first thing that we’re going to try here is re-pairing.

Are you able to remove the Device from your account in home.mycroft.ai then re-add it? This should cause the Device to issue a new Pairing code when you restart the Mycroft services on Linux.

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Hey! Thank you for your fast answer! It works like a charm after re-pairing. All my un-default skills appeared in the settings page of home.mycroft.ai after a reboot and everything works as expected. Could you please explain to me, maybe, what I did wrong? What is the possible cause of that error, not to make it again. Thank you again for your help! Amazing support! :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome! We’re here to help!

You didn’t do anything wrong. We had an outage for scheduled maintenance yesterday, and a handful of people are experiencing the same issue. When the client and the server lose connection for a period of time, the keys which allow the communication between them to be encrypted can ‘get out of synch’. This requires a re-pairing.

We’re improving our architecture going forward to remove this dependency - as it can cause issues like the one you’ve just experienced, and we want to make Mycroft more resilient.

Great to hear you’re back up and running again! :thumbsup:

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