Solid red circle of lights

Hi, My Mark II arrived. Nice packaging. Nice clean look. Not sure I need a camera. I definitely will not use the international adapters - it would be nice to generate less plastic.

I believe I set it up OK, but, after trying some Internet radio stations, it went mute. It would not answer “What time is it?”. Not sure what to do, I tried rebooting by removing power then plugging it back in. After it got to “Downloading settings”, the circle of lights went solid red and it won’t do anything? :pensive:

What to do?


-Mike Mac

Hi Mike,

Solid red lights usually means the mic switch is muted. Toggle the switch on the right (with the little microphone icon) and see if that helps.



Yes, that helped. I don’t remember toggling that switch, but I must have.

There was no user’s guide in the box about this switch. Is there documentation on the hardware features of the Mark II on the Internet?


-Mike M

Hello Mike,

There’s Mycroft Mark II - Mycroft Mark II, and more specifically

I am aware you asked your question 2 months ago… but I thought it may be useful for others…


@MyValdr - thanks that helps. :grinning:

-Mike Mac
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