Software that I open with Mycroft also shuts with it

Hello! I’ve been fiddling around trying to get used to Mycroft’s stock skills on my desktop. I just discovered that if you ask Mycroft to open any software, and then stop Mycroft while you’re still using that software, it closes down as well.

While this isn’t really much of an inconvenience, I’m curious as to why this happens.

Any insights?

Good question @Wildernerd. I had a look at the code for the skill (linked below) and there’s nothing obvious in the code that would explain the behaviour you’ve observed. Could we get some more information such as:

  • What operating system you’re running, and what desktop environment?
  • Whether this behaviour occurs for all skills, or just some of them?

Hello Kathy,

Thank you for responding!
I have Mycroft set up on my Thinkpad E450, running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as my OS and Unity as my Desktop. I have noticed this behaviour with Firefox, RStudio, BORIS, QGIS, Mendeley and the LibreOffice software. I have the latest versions of all the software running, if that’s relevant.

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Thanks @Wildernerd, that’s super helpful information. I’d like to open an issue on GitHub for this - if you’re comfortable with me doing so - and if possible could I grab your GitHub username and I’ll reference you as the reporter (or feel free to raise against that repo too).

I don’t yet have a GitHub account. I will set one up today and give you my details. Thank you!

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Great, thanks @Wildernerd

Hi Kathy,

Sorry for the delay. I just set up a GitHub account; my username is Wildernerd. Thank you for offering to put the issue up there! :smiley:

i think this is expected to happen, should be the same as launching something from a terminal and closing it

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Ah OK, so this is expected behavior, not a bug?

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@Jarbas_Ai- this makes sense, thank you for clarifying.

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