So what should I do with my Mark 1?

So I got my Mark 1, and it’s neat…but it doesn’t do much. My 2 year old likes it when I say “Hey Mycroft…say hi to Lucas” and that’s about it. Also, it stops responding to the trigger word after about 8 hours…

I don’t have a lot of tinkering time, but what are some easy and fun things to do with the Mark 1?

You can start creating a skill! Maybe some other skills to entertain your 2 year old. Here are some good resources to start.

Thanks! I am about to unpack my mark1 and this will be a good starting point for me. Can. I use Golang (or any other language) for writing the skill?

So, in times past I’d have had time to make skills, but for now I’ve just not got time for it and my kids aren’t able to focus long enough to actually hang out for it. Is there a decent skill repository yet, and any instructions on how to load existing skills into the Mark 1?

I just blogged about this:

PRs or suggestions for more content are welcome:

There is a repository of skill here built from many in the community. If you would like to add your skill, you can do a pull request to add it. Also search github for mycroft skills for other skills that may not be in the repo.