Snowboy Wakeword

After reading a few people managed to, I am trying to use a snowboy wakeword to my mycroft instance.

Previously I was running GassistPi (GitHub - shivasiddharth/GassistPi: Google Assistant for Single Board Computers) and was really happy about the snowboy reaction time and low cpu usage.

I have installed snowboy and placed the required files in the mycroft-core/mycroft/client/speech directory.
I’ve made the following modifications to .mycroft/mycroft.conf:

“max_allowed_core_version”: 19.8,
“hotwords”: {
“skippy”: {
“module”: “snowboy”,
“models”: {
“skippy”: “~/mycroft-core/skippy.pmdl”

it does not spit out any errors when I check the cli interface, but it completely ignores the wakeword :frowning: any ideas?

No ideas on the wake word but thought I’d say welcome to the community from one Commander to another.


Crap, that is confusing…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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First time I see this avatar used:) Sign of a generation ;p

For the wake-word I am now trying to get the precise source install working on the pi3. Quite a challenge as it’s giving different errors on each attempt to run the setup!
Once that’s working I’ll give up on snow-boy for now and work from a precise wake-word. If that all works I can have a look at the snow-boy thingy on a separate pi.