Smarthome devices supported by MyCroft

I have been working with MyCroft for a few days now. I have my LiFX bulb working. Trying to get Phillips hue to work but think the skill is not on the approved list as it works about once or twice and then stops. Tried to have both the LiFX and Phillips Hue skills working at the same time but that didnt work well.

I am going to setup a Home Assistant RPi but wanted to see if anyone knew of other smart bulbs, outlets, etc that were working with MyCroft ?

Hi there @rnutter, thanks for giving Mycroft a go, great to have you here.

There are two Skills which are best of breed and very well maintained;

I’ve got a house full of LIFX (literally, about a dozen devices) and find the LIFX Skill works well, but I don’t have any Hue lights at all - so not a mixed environment.

Always happy to help if you have more questions.


Thanks for the reply. Home Assistant is at the top of the list as I just had another RPi delivered yesterday that it will be running on. Will take a look at Open Hab as well.

I suspect my issues with Hue was that it wasnt a published skill on MyCroft but something I had found on Github. The MyCroft voice sounds a little gravely. Suspect that is due to the limited hardware available on RPi.

I have already put up one Video on my Youtube channel and expect to do another one next week concerning the LiFX integration. This will be going into the 2nd volume of my Smart Home book series early next year.


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Great! Let us know how you go :slight_smile:


If you are using for Hue, it should work with the latest version of Mycroft. It is not in the 18.08 store yet, but it is fully functional on my Mark 1. If you are having specific issues, feel free to open GitHub issues on the repo, or to describe the problems here.




Thanks for getting reaching out. I had both the LiFX skill and yours installed. After using your skill a couple of times, it no longer turned on the Hue bulb on command. It said it ways turning on the Hub bulb but the LiFX bulb would turn on instead.

I was able to reproduce the problem. If there are any logs that you would like for me to capture or send to you, I will be happy to do what I can to help.


Did you have both skills installed at the same time? It’s possible that they were competing with each other. If you have only the Hue skill installed, does it work reliably?

If you can provide the skills log, that should give some useful debugging info.


@KathyReid @Christopher_Rogers

It looks like Home Assistant development has ended according to the github repo and mycroft hue hasn’t had any git activity in awhile as well. Would you still recommend these skills or any new ones for mycroft on linux?


I still maintain the Hue skill. At the moment, setting scenes may not work if you have scenes for different rooms that have the same name (e.g. “relax” defined for both your living room and bedroom). This is due to an API change Phillips made relatively recently. I’ll be updating the skill to handle the change soon (hopefully some time this week - the work is already started).

Other than that, everything (on/off, brightness, color temperature) should work just fine, right now.

If you use it and have problems, feel free to let me know here, or to open issues on the GitHub repo.

In general the git repo doesn’t see a lot of activity because… it works. There are some outstanding features that I intend to implement eventually, but the core functionality works, and unless Phillips (or Mycroft) make API changes, there’s no need to make code changes - the skill will continue to function.

I have never personally used the Home Assistant skill, so I can’t speak to how well it works.


@Christopher_Rogers, thanks for the update. Glad to hear the skill is stable and working and I’ll keep an eye out for that scenes update.

Ill use home-asistant skill, and it works pritty well for me. I can control everything setup in HA by voice. My main issue is that I use way more time with mycroft than home-assistant, and both project evolve fast, and I am behind in reading what changes is happining to HA :wink: but for the stuff I alreddy has added it works great.

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Awesome; sounds like all of the recommendations here are still great options, now I just have to pick one…

The home assistant skill good, you just need to make your names easy and logical.
tell mycroft to turn on bedside light , where you have set a light switch with an entity id of bedside light in HA, mycroft doesn’t need to know what type of device it is ( hue, sonoff, etc) just what you called it in HA, and HA does all the heavy lifting. I’s the route I’m going down with everything I can atm.
Mycroft and Home assistant should knock each others doors for a close chat.

and hello to all here.

@NeonDaniel, scene handling should be fixed on the master branch of the Hue skill.

Just to elaborate a little on the change - scenes used to always be global, but Phillips now allows them to specify a group. This caused conflicts because scenes could have the same name, but a different group, making requests like “set the lights to relax” ambiguous.

The update fixes the logic so that the skill accounts for multiple scenes with the same name, and should select the appropriate scene based on the group specified (or default group).

If you notice any issues, feel free to flag them here or on GitHub.