SkillHunt (Sorry ProductHunt :D)

Just an idea, but it would be nice if there was a site where people could vote on new skills they want MyCroft to have, and programmers/hackers/developers could team up to make them.

I’m imagining something similar to Product Hunt or Reddit, where someone submits an idea and everyone upvotes them. Then a developer comes along and says “Yeah I’d like to build a skill like that” and creates a github repository housing the code they write. Any new developer that comes along and also wants to build the same skill will then contribute to the existing github repository.

This should (in theory) solve three problems:

  1. Non coders or busy people who want MyCroft to have a new skill but can’t create them themselves can still get the skills they want
  2. Programmers/developers/hackers who are extremely bored and have nothing to do (why do I think I’m describing myself…?) suddenly have something to do
  3. Multiple people aren’t developing the exact same skill

I’m interested to hear what the community thinks about this. Any thoughts, questions, comments?

Edit: This could tie in to the Mycrobit cryptocurrency idea - those who have more mycrobits have a higher voting power/the ability to make their idea “featured” for a certain time in exchange for a certain number of mycrobits?

The post is now over, but since I’m bored, I’ll leave a side comment that nobody has to read:
I was originally going to name this topic “Site where people can post skills they want MyCroft to have and where people can upvote skills and where developers could team up to make those skills happen”, but I thought that was a bit long and boring… so I decided to name it SkillHunt instead…

If ProductHunt comes after this topic demanding I change the name, I’d gladly comply and please don’t sue me and don’t trust my age listed in Google because I’m just an innocent 12-year-old :wink:

Certainly a great idea if you were to abstract Mycroft and skills from it (for now).

Given that Mycroft has a community site as well as a subreddit, and there are also subreddits such as SomebodyMakeThis, there is already plenty of space for Mycroft users and developers to interact. While I would love to see specialization to make it easier to find the area to submit a new skill idea or to develop one, I think two things concurrently:

  1. Mycroft has a relatively small community (given this site is <1000 users) and minimal outreach, which to me means it is not worthy of its own site and specialization until it becomes more popular.

  2. The sysadmin and developer pieces of me ask this question - “Why create more trouble for yourself in building and maintaining a site and its users for some special functionality over what you would get from the community site or various subreddits?”

Now if it was specialized for anything (including Mycroft) people wanted to build and collaborate on (like SomebodyMakeThis, CoolGithubProjects, Hackaday, etc.), then I could certainly get behind that and would be willing to build it myself.

Not to take away from Mycroft or my desire to contribute to it or trash your idea at all, but I think the idea applies better to a larger audience.