[Skill/Work in progress] Media skills using mopidy

Status: Functional but work is ongoing

Description: This is a package of media skills utilizing the mopidy media server. The package contains skills for

  • Local music
  • Spotify
  • Google Music
  • Swedish Radio (doesn’t currently use mopidy)

The skills are focused on playing albums/playlists and not individual songs.

Github: https://github.com/forslund/mycroft-media-skills


  • Spotify free search for artist
  • Support for streams
  • Add playlist support to local music skill (currently only albums, genres and artists)
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I get this error can you please help me?
Error : An error occurred while processing a request in Spotify
I checked the account and is good also mopidy is able to connect to the account.
I am using ubuntu

I can try to help but I might need some more info.

Does the error occur during start-up or when you try to play something?

Have you configured the mopidy ip address for the skill?

yes fort both of your questions
when I try to play something
thanks for your help

Try the pause command, if this fails it is likely the connection to the mopidy server that’s not OK. It would also be helpful if you could upload the skills log from mycroft-core/scripts/logs after you’ve tried some spotify commands. That way I should get a look at exactly what is failing.

I’ve found an issue with reading the config and made an update. it might have been what caused your issue. Check out the latest version if you’re still interested.