Skill vetting process

Hello guys!

Does anybody have any insight into how the vetting process works?!

I have read some posts on the forum and also information from here:

It says…
“All Skills are reviewed, vetted and approved by a group of community volunteers as part of our formal acceptance process. This self-governance maintains the quality and security of the Marketplace while keeping the community’s needs first.”

From what I understand, new skills are reviewed manually without any automated tool. Good approach to ensuring security. :+1:

However, I am curious about how these volunteers vet the skill. Is there some kind of response queue, or any other structure in place?! If so, how much time does a skill need to be reviewed completely?

You can read about the skills acceptance process here

You can follow the submission on the pull requests on the skills reposotory on github.

Sometimes it goes quick to submit, and sometimes not. It depends on he skill and how much time testeres got to test and reviev.

but that said, a skill works just fine not beeing submittet to the market and can be installed and used anyway. They just hassnt yet been accepted for the market place.

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Alright! Thank you for the prompt answer and the pointers. I will have a more in depth look at it.

All the best!

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Good to know as a person should thoroughly test the skill before submitting it.