Skill to keep speakers on and paired

Seems lots of speakers are built with power off features to prevent the things from idling for hours and days. Could we send maybe a null stream to the speaker every 7 minutes or so just to ensure the thing stays on?

Are there similar Mycroft Skills already? No, I didn’t see anything.

Can you specify your hardware with the problem. I am currently working on a skill for bluetooth GitHub - gras64/bluetooth-audio-skill: Connect mycroft with bluetooth speaker or other devices Do you mean this?

I own a cheap old Bluetooth speaker called Viv, a Bose soundlink color 2 and an Onn rugud or something and they all power off after several minutes without any input. This means I have to turn the speaker on to use Mycroft, which definitely dulls the experience. It appears to be standard these days that speakers do this.

This definitely isn’t a bluetooth pairing issue.

what software do you use? I’m trying to get an overview of hardware and their “peculiarities”. if you have ideas about functions. bring it on. my drive is the connection with my car radio

I’m using Raspberry Pi OS and only running Mycroft on it. It’s a Pi 4b 2gig

your sound mixer, bluetooth software, I like pulse audio. does my skill work with you?

Ah, I’m just using alsa audio and whatever the default Bluetooth software is. I’ll go look in just a few minutes.

I’ll try to use your skill as well.

I attempted to use your skill, I’ve raised an issue on github. Also I use bluetoothctl to control my bluetooth, I think its bluez? It might actually say it in the issue on git.