Skill the cow list: how to produce/obtain the Authentication Token

Hello, maybe I am missing something, but after having obtained the Api Key and the shared secret, I waas not able to find how to have the AUTHENTICATION TOKEN reading
I tried also by putting my username…but it still return an error 98.
Please, can someone tell me where I wrong?
Thank you all in advance for the help

@piretro999 hi there! My colleague @forslund is currently working on some oauth enhancements to Mycroft, which I think will help Skills authenticate with third party services like this.

It will help in the long run.

I tried following the instructions given by the skill but I was also stopped when trying to get the auth token. I think you have to follow these instructions manually: to get it but I’ve not managed to do it myself yet.

Best would be if you opened an isse at the skills github repo ( asking for clarification.

Hi @piretro999

I am working on a way to obtain the token from within the skill, I hope to have a solution very soon. I will report back here when its ready for testing.

If you don’t mind a manual install, try the newest version on
The skill now does the hard work of obtaining the token, but you must still get an api key and secret to begin with.
The README file has been updated with new (and hopefully better :slight_smile:) instructions on authentication.
Please let me know how (if) it works.

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Hi, I did it, and now I can Add my todo’s :slight_smile:
Great job

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.
The new version is now merged into the MycroftAI mycroft-skills repository, so you can install it the usual way.

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