Skill Submission Process Link Broken


the link to the skill submission process on the Mycroft Skills Kit site seems to be broken.

Upload Skill

msk also provides a function for uploading a Skill to the Mycroft Skills Repo, as part of our [Skill Submission Process] (Marketplace Submission - Mycroft AI).

Skill Submission Process is not working…

Hi Moritzg,

Thanks for flagging this, we just switched the docs over to a new system and you’ve found the first broken link :trophy:

I’ve fixed up our redirect so it will point to the new page, but your browser has probably cached the existing one. So for the moment, head here:

It also looks like we also need to fix the display of the list on the Skills Acceptance Process page…

Hi gez-mycroft,

thanks for the quick fix, can confirm that it’s working now :)!