SKILL REQUEST: Notion skill

Hi guys.

Exist any skill that connect mycroft with Notion ?

I think that would be great use Notion’s tables as databases and allow mycroft to interact with them…

Anyone know if a similar project arleady exist ?


You go to their web site, they don’t have a web site. You are immediately presented with onboarding.

Somebody, for example, links from a forum to their web site, you click the link with no idea what their product is or what it’s for, and the only thing you can do at their site is make an account for their service.

That is reason enough to say no to a service forever. Wow.

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Hey Reikidude - I haven’t heard of anyone working on a Notion integration.

I don’t use it personally - though I’ve heard many devotees swear by it. They seem to have an API in beta - possibly a little limited but nicely laid out documentation.

The closest Skill I can think of would be something like Remember The Milk


Notion is useful to organize clipboards and informations in general and it is free for personal use.

I used it in some projects, like this one ( a list of some IT acronyms that I published via Notion ).

I think that would be great for example to tell mycroft "search ‘WORD_A’ from table ‘TABLE_X’ or something like that ( in my example)but it could be anything based on tables content…

Time ago I was working on a python script to get Notion table’s content via API.

In the case that it work, it would be possible to connect the script to Mycroft ?

Yeah absolutely, you might even find an existing Python wrapper for the Notion API on PyPI which could save you some work.

Once you can interface with it via Python it would be a matter of thinking through what the voice interface might look like. We wrote this Voice User Interface Design Guide to help people think through these sorts of things:

Particularly checkout this section about drafting interaction scripts which can then be turned into integration tests: