[Skill] mycroft-alarm

Hello everyone! I will be revamping the default skill-alarm. First by renaming the alarm to mycroft-alarm to better organize the skills built by us and the community. While revamping the skill, I will also be switching the intent engine from adapt to the machine learning implementation, padatious, as well as leveraging the converse method from the core. The goal is to improve the user experience by making it feel like a more natural interaction.

Here are the features I am thinking for this iteration:

  1. Set alarms (i.e. set an alarm for 2:00 PM Wednesday)
  2. Set recurring alarms (i.e. set an alarm for 2:00 PM every Wednesday)
  3. Stop alarm sound (i.e. stop the alarm!)
  4. Disable Alarms (i.e. turn off the 2:00 PM alarm)
  5. Change Alarm (i.e. change the 2:00 PM Wednesday alarm to 3:00 PM Wednesday)
  6. Status Alarm (i.e how much time is left until the 3:00 PM Wednesday alarm)
  7. Error Handling for a more natural language interaction (i.e Human: set an alarm for 1:00 … Mycroft: should I set it for 1:00 PM or AM?)

Let me know what your thoughts are! how would you want Mycroft to handle alarms?


I’d personally like the button to shut of the alarm and or “Hey Mycroft, Stop” to stop it.

Also: Since Precise has trouble with children’s voices ( and my children set alarms ) it would be great if a button press killed the alarm.


Thanks for the suggestion @J_Montgomery_Mycroft, will definitely add that feature.

eventually i would like some mechanism to name/set aliases alarms, “turn off the daily alarm” where daily could be any name corresponding to a pre-set alarm request (daily = 8 am) , “change the daily alarm to 7 am”

i think you pretty much covered everything, those are great features :slight_smile:


yeah, great idea for a feature! will plan for next iteration :slight_smile:

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My DREAM is to have an internet radio alarm. For some reason, there are no apps that actually work–if Mycroft could I’d be grateful.

Example: I want to listen to my local NPR station. It’s in Internet Radio. If my alarm could take an URL via Mycroft Home and some simple commands to make “radio alarm” an option. The rest of the alarm could remain as is.

Perhaps “radio alarm” as a separate skill? I wish I had the Python skills and time! :slight_smile:


Sounds great. Remember those of us living in countries where 6 PM is 18:00.
We would for instance say set alarm to 18, or set alarm to 18 30.

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People usually divide it two types - who setting one alarm at 8 a.m. and who sets 15 alarms for 7.57, 8.01, 8.03 and etc and they still being late for the job :grinning: So, basically, you need to setup your daily regime and it’s not the alarm clock to blame for it.
You still might check https://cosyhousehold.com/best-alarm-clock-kids/ and find more about it.

personalize alarm sound, if you use the audioservice this can be used to play radio

with alarm names this could be made per alarm, radio could be in the morning alarm only, or we could even have news playing

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Hi there. I’m new to the forum and have recently received my Mk2.
I see from your reply that there was a plan to be able to name alarms. I’ve managed to name one off alarms and alarms that repeats every Monday, Tuesday etc, but not every day of the week to include weekend days.
The Mk2 has a very wordy reply when it sets an alarm for every day, such as " weekday, weekday, weekdays, weekdays, weekend, weekend, weekends".
I suspect that’s not an expectation.
I’ve not found a reply to this before.
Is this a bug, is it known?

the mk2 basically ships with a fork of the “classic core”, this includes all skills.

This thread is about the old alarm skill repo, the bug you are running into should be reported under the new core

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Thanks, issue opened