Skill ideas based on Amazon Alexa newsletter

Hey guys.

Don’t be mad on me, but i receive an Alexa (sadly, this device marks current state of the art) newsletter on a regulary basis where Amazon promotes new (or existing) features of their device.

I think on pasting content of these newsletters (translated to english) with new features to get something like a collection of skill ideas for Mycroft features which could be implemented.

Could be like this:

  • “WakeWord, who sings this song?”
  • “WakeWord, give me a Kanye West quote”
  • “WakeWord, are you athletic?”
  • “WakeWord, set a sleep timer for 30 minutes”
  • “WakeWord, give me bad poetry!”
  • "WakeWord, read, Blackout‘ by Marc Elsberg "
  • “WakeWord, set the bass to three”
  • „WakeWord, set the middle to minus 4"
  • „WakeWord, less treble" etc.
  • “WakeWord, start nature sounds”
  • “WakeWord, give me the weather report for the next 7 days”
  • “WakeWord, what’s my daily summary?”
  • “WakeWord, make a call”

Is this legally okay to copy’n paste these newsletter content here and if so, do you think it’s useful?