Skill getting overridden

Hey guys,

I’m using a messagebus to have my skill call all the other skills, I use self.bus.emit() to send the utterance from my skill just to check all the other skills. The problem here is that, my skill is supposed to work like this

“What is your IP?”

Response should be “1 2 3” “You IP address is…”

“1 2 3” is the response from my own skill and "IP is " is response from another skill

but right now I’m not getting the response from my skill and it just says “Your IP address is…”

Is this not the correct way to call other skills from my own? (therefore get two answers in total, one from my skill and one from the matched skill)

self.bus.emit(Message(“recognizer_loop:utterance”,{‘utterances’: [self.content], ‘lang’: ‘en-us’}))

Hi there,

Have you got the code for your Skill somewhere we can take a look? What sort of intent are you registering to trigger your Skill? Is it a custom phrase or are you trying to match over the top of the other Skills intents?

Is your Skill triggering or is it just going straight to the IP Skill?


I’ll share the code link when I get back home. Basically, I have intent (custom phrase) “numbers speak” that is activated and waits for further command to giving me a response.

So a workflow would be,

“Hey mycroft, numbers speak”


“Whats your IP”

Mycroft- “1 2 3 my IP…”

I think its going straight to IP skill and what I get is,

Mycroft- “my IP is …” or “my name is…” etc. without my numbers speak skill

Hmm would need to see how you are getting the “what’s your IP”. Is that a get_response() or something else?