Skill creation intuition

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m pretty new to Mycroft.
Lately I’ve been trying to create a new skill but no chance. The documentations aren’t quite complete and in crucial parts they lead to a github page which says “work in progress”, so I was wondering if anyone could help me get an intuition how skills are created.

I’ve been playing with the existing Helloworld skill by adding a to dialog, HaveYouEatenKeyword.voc to vocab and 2 test files to test folder and also editing respectively) but my trial and error isn’t leading to anything and Mycroft doesn’t respond to “have you eaten?” the way I want it to.

I appreciate your help.

Thanks for checking Mycroft out! Just to check, are you talking about the skill documentation here?: What in that documentation do you feel isn’t quite complete?

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I can agree with Sina.
I would welcome somewhat more elaborate howto’s on how to dissect a sentence like:

Hey Mycroft, switch the [Device] light [on/off]
Hey Mycroft, switch the [Device] light to [number] percent

So, how to catch “switch” and “light” (and “percent”) as keywords and return [Device] and [number] as variables to use in the functions.

I have managed to switch two Wemo bulbs on and off by defining separate intents for all permutations of lights and status, but that is not really efficiënt.

I guess the problem will solve itself when a proper Wemo skill is added, but still having a walkthrough to how to do this will be helpful for sparkling my imagination for how to create other skills.

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Let me try again