Single install for all users

I’ve downloaded the clone and I want to create a single install for all users on my Linux box.
If I run as a normal user it looks like I have to do it for every user as it installs pip in ~/.local/bin and Python packages in ~/.local/lib so I’m going to end up with copies of the packages in every user’s home folder - not to mention that pip is already installed in /usr/bin.
If I run sudo dev_setup it gives a warning that it shouldn’t be run as root.

How do I do a single install with one set of packages available to all users?

What do you mean “all users”? Anyone who talks to it or individual system users?

Logged on users. E.g. my wife and I can both use this workstation with separate logons. If I run dev_setup as each user I’m going to end up installing the same Python packages in each user’s home folder (~/.local). I want to install the packages in the /usr…site-packages folder available to all users.

If you just want to share cli access, then anyone who has it in their path can make it work. If you’re looking to customize an installation for users, that’s probably going to take a whole lot of new work to make happen.

So, if I install as root and ignore the warning, I should get a single copy of each of the Python packages installed in in /usr/…/site-packages and if the app is in the user’s $PATH they should then be able to access it?

I wouldn’t take the root direction (for security reasons). What about a mycroft user to which you and your wife gets group access to, alter the PATH,…

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I don’t think I’ll bother - I was simply curious about Mycroft.
Thanks for your time anyway.