Simple STT Client


I would like to know how to use MyCroft as (simple) STT decoder which could send the words to another app, or server (best would be by

The purpose is a multiplayer game controlled by voice : imagine 3 players (each one has a mic and a raspberry) saying left, right, up, down to move sprites.

Do someone get my idea ?


Mycroft uses an STT engine, but is not itself an STT engine. I’d look at one of the cloud STT api’s for something like that perhaps? If you’re trying to do something locally, the deepspeech-server or a customized tensorflow stt instance might be worth looking at.

Hi @baconator,
You’re right, I started a prototype with Google STT or, for example.
But I’d like someting local and french + I can’t really know how will cost goggle STT use.

Which engine do mycroft use ?


Deepspeech (formerly used proxied google stt)

For french, not sure if there’s a model for DS yet. Pocketsphinx does have a French model, though. Not sure about others.