Shutdown via GUI not fully shutting down, hardware or software issue?

If I shutdown my Mark II, an red LED still remeins illuminated.
After some minutes, the cooler starts spinning.
Is this an Software or Hardware issue?

And how can I power it up again?

Running newest neon is on it.


Question: Are you running it on the Neon OS image, or the Mycroft Dinkum image?

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which was pre-installed on the USB-thump drive

there won’t be any other options, like pressing volume + - simultaneously?

I am lazy and put it on a kasa smart plug.
That way I can remotely power cycle it if needed.
Since it also measures the energy some additional information:
My MK2 with external USB SSD consumed an average of 7 watt over the last 30 days.


We would love for there to be, but don’t have the dev resources to make that happen right away. If a community member would like to build it, I do have the ability to incentivize that (and other) dev work with a new Mark II.

The best fix for now IMO is something similar to what @fromport did, putting an external switch on it. That could be a smart plug like they used,
or something purpose-built like this:,pid:18291707153910010027,rsk:PC_5125611644516236414&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiBqKm7oK__AhVsPUQIHS26DUMQ8wII7w0
Or in a house with old wiring like mine, it might be nice to run it on a surge protected strip like this:,local:1,pid:8046787453675558275,prmr:2,rsk:PC_6036717178351702933&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiBqKm7oK__AhVsPUQIHS26DUMQ8wII2xI

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Mine is on one of these:

And of course I am not using Alexa nor Google Assistant to voice control it :smile:

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I have a couple, hacked to use Tasmota :wink:

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Alright, at least it is clarified now :slightly_smiling_face:

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