Shutdown leaves fan running

This is a new Mk2.
Am still trying to set it up, notwithstanding there’s no way to install any skills at the moment.
So, turning the unit off for the night.
A “shutdown -h now” from an ssh login, shut it down pretty fast, but at the point of shutdown the fan started up.
20 mins later the fan is still running, so pulling the cord.


is there any other way to shut down MK2 the machine without ssh or pulling the cord?

Edit: yes you touch the screen and drag from the top a menu shows up and it has a turn off option.


I have this issue as well. I discovered it with the touch screen shutoff.

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You aren’t doing anything wrong.

The Mycroft Ii shutdown is broken.

See: Really shutdown the Mark II

This is a little dumb. Today, I pulled a zigbee switch out of my “unused smart home supplies” box and plugged Mycroft into it. I now have a way of power cycling that doesn’t require me to unplug it.

I’m going to get a second one of these and put at the workstation because I do a lot of SBC dev that requires power cycling. For the pis, I have a power supply with an inline rocker switch which is helpful. If anything the mycroft mark II has improved my desk work flow.

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