Shall Firefox password manager work at

Hello, I have added a new account at and wonder why the Firefox password manager is not asking me to save my password. Have you anything implemented to avoid a password manager on this site or shall it work?
I have no excluded page added, so like on all other sites I assumed that Firefox would ask me to store the password also of the MyCroft home site.

I can’t think of any reason this would be blocked and other password managers certainly work.
@ChrisVeilleux any ideas?

Siggi, as we’re testing a Beta version of Home that will be released in the coming weeks, I’m wondering if you’d mind logging in there, and let us know if you face the same problem?

Hi, at the password manager is working ok, but as soon I’m at no pre-setting of my existing password nor asking me to store the entered password … Strange …

That is strange.

As Chris and the team are hard at work finalising the Home Beta to a production release and we are going to switch over to the new home in the next few weeks, we might just leave this one as a mystery if that’s alright?

That’s ok for me …

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