Setup Docker VS. git clone

Hi All,

I am currently in setup process of Mycroft on my debian linux machine.
I have already read through:

I understood that there is the possibility to setup Mycroft either via git clone and or via Docker image. Since I plan to use some kind of integration for Linux commands on the long term (like e.g. Mycroft start firefox etc.), I assume that I cannot use the docker container way of installation. Is that correct?

Additionally there are multiple users using the same linux PC. Do I have to run the git clone & way of installation for everyone of them or is it possible to “share” one mycroft installation? I furthermore found that it seems to be necessary for users to have sudo permissions to execute “apt-get install” on every start. Is there any way around this?

Thanks for your help

Hi everyone,

at the moment I solved this by:

  1. commenting out “check-dependencies” withint
  2. adding all users that should use mycroft to a local group “mycroft”
  3. change the permissions of my installation folder (/opt/mycroft) to 0660 and gave ownership to the local “mycroft” group. This is using a script executed whenever a user logs on. (So I make sure that on every user logon the ownership of all /opt/mycroft files is with the user group.

For sure not the best solution but at the moment it works as expected…

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