Setting location not working

I have just downloaded mycroft and it is a great experience so far. However, when I asked what the weather was it said that it was -15 degrees celsius and here in the netherlands it is currently about 5 degrees. I looked at home and it seems that whenever I want to set the location to [my dutch hometown], The Netherlands and select it from the dropdown menu and save it, when I ask Mycroft what it’s location is it says it is [my hometown] in News Brunswick Canada. I have tried changing it while it was off and selecting other villages nearby that had no other towns by that name but it did not work. Every time when I reload the device detail page it removes “, The netherlands” at the end. Any suggestions?

I just had a similar issue with mine not including the state I’m in. It’s an issue they’re working on. However, for now, the best fix is to set it to the town closest to you and deal with the margin of error.

Hi there @Adutchman and @imparker, yes we definitely had some location bugs in
My colleague Matheus was working on these today, let me follow up internally and come back to you.
Best, Kathy

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We will need your email addresses to see if you are impacted by this - are you able to DM me?

Kind regards, Kathy