Set the weather to Celsius

There is no option to set the weather to celsius (that I’m aware of). How is this done?

Keen to set this option too.

I think you can set this option in mycroft.conf:

“WeatherSkill”: {
“api_key”: “”,
“proxy”: true,
“temperature”: “celsius”

Thanks, I’ll try that tonight and update as appropriate

I tried katinka solution on a mark1 and looks like doesn’t work because mycroft can’t boot properly after adding that to the config.
Have you tried on a Mark1 or others?

I found that the skill is going to read system_unit from config and that variable looks like coming from the web.
The problem may be that right now the config receive only metric/imperial unit and anything about celsius/farenheit

Did someone solved this point?

I found that missing as well so I always let Mycroft convert, ie I give two commands one after the other:

  1. Hey Mycroft, what’s the weather in yourplacenamehere?
    –> Mycroft answers ‘It’s currently x Fahrenheit etc’

  2. Hey Mycroft, how much is x Fahrenheit in Celsius?
    –> Mycrofts gives me the converted amount.

Not an actual solution of course but ok as a workaround for the time being while a Celsius output option is not implemented.

PS: Conversions in general seem to work quite well already actually, e.g ‘Hey Mycroft, how much is 1 US-Dollar in Euros?’ or ‘Hey Mycroft, how much is three metres in inches?’ etc