Set mycroft in french

Hello Everybody,

I’m new on Mycroft project, i come from another open source AI project called S.A.R.A.H (node-red).
I try Mycroft because SARAH was not supported anymore and community dissolved.

I followed the various documentations and subjects in order to be able to use Mycroft in French.

I modified the various configuration files as shown in : Languages - Mycroft AI.

I notice that when i write in french in the “cli” console i have a voice response in french from the google TTS module defined in : /home/user/.config/mycroft.conf by the lines :

“lang”: “fr-fr”,
“stt”: {
“module”: “mycroft”,
“mycroft”: {
“lang”: “fr-fr”
“tts”: {
“module”: “google”,
“google”: {
“lang”: “fr”

However, despite several tests, i did not manage to make the STT work because when i speak in french it does not trigger a response.

Could someone help me find my error or explain to me how the STT module works ?

Thanks for the Help !

Hey there

Mycroft itself is undergoing a period of change, you probably will want to use OpenVoiceOS, the community continuation of the original project, or Neon. more info here

We have some French users, the fastest way to get language specific help is joining our chat rooms You're invited to talk on Matrix

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@Darkfire Are you finding success with OVOS or Neon AI?
I speak (imperfect) French as well, and I’m excited to get our Neon AI skills working in French. Right now Neon is capable of responding in French, but a few of the skills need further translation work, especially those with numbers. We also have to accomplish translation work to get Neon to be able to accept input in French.

I’m sorry that I missed your post earlier. It would be wonderful to have a French speaking community developer working on that. It really isn’t a deeply technical task, and I’d be pleased to support you.

Do you have a Mark II already? We are offering those to developers as incentives for projects such as this. Please send me an email at or tag me here or on Element if you’d like to work out details for that.

In French:
Trouvez-vous le succès avec OVOS ou Neon AI ?
Je parle également un français (imparfait) et je suis ravi de faire travailler nos compétences en Neon AI en français. À l’heure actuelle, Neon est capable de répondre en français, mais quelques-unes des compétences nécessitent un travail de traduction supplémentaire, en particulier celles avec des chiffres. Nous devons également accomplir un travail de traduction pour que Neon puisse accepter les commentaires en français.

Je suis désolé d’avoir raté votre message plus tôt. Ce serait merveilleux d’avoir un développeur communautaire francophone travaillant là-dessus. Ce n’est vraiment pas une tâche profondément technique, et je serais ravi de vous aider.

Avez-vous déjà un Mark II ? Nous les offrons aux développeurs comme incitations pour des projets comme celui-ci. S’il vous plaît envoyez-moi un e-mail à ou taguez-moi ici ou sur Element si vous souhaitez travailler sur les détails pour cela.

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