Send Skill responses to Telegram


I have a idea similar to what you talking.

for example:
I have a 3 skills;

  • weather skill
  • Telegram skill
  • Contact list skill

I want to ask :

  • “Tell me the weather today”
    after a respond
  • “send it to nuri’s telegram”
    and i want to send weather skills result to my telegram account.

Weather skill gave weather status,
Contact List have my or someones telegram id,
Telegram skill is sending message to telegram ids from Contact list skill result.

Is that posible, or must I implement the telegram skill to my skill?


Hi there, I split this out into a new topic as I think it’s a whole idea on its own.

I’m presuming you want a new Skill that can act independently rather than forking all of the other Skills that you want to send responses from.

To capture the responses to send to Telegram, you could either:

  1. Scrape the audio.log to send the last speak message
  2. Register an event handler to store the last n speak messages from the messagebus. These can then be sent by an intent handler.

To send the message to Telegram, having a quick look at that Skill it seems to issue these they’re using a custom Message type: telegram-skill:response. We have some docs on how to emit these on the MessageBus from within a Skill that should get you started.