Self Managed Radio Player Skill

I’ve found 2 Radio player skills but both rely on an outside service to provide the stations, both station names and streams.

I was wondering if there is an already existing skill that would work with a self curated list of Radio Stations?
I have an existing list of radio stations that I use in Home Assistant to stream a selected station to my Chromecast devices.
I also created a Node-Red flow back when I had Snips running to play a requested station to my Chromecast devices.

I’m thinking I’d like to have a Mycroft skill to handle this, maybe even ask what speakers I want to play the stream on.

Does such a beast already exist?

There was one from the user “tsjoen” ( <- or something that looks similar) I believe it also derived from the same HA plugin.

EDIT: There it is;

EDIT2: Bare in mind, it is rather old and is NOT using the Common Play System. But if you know a pit of python, perhaps fork it and make it “new” again.

if you have a node red flow you might want to check

If only I knew Python. I know enough that it’s more than a snake.