Selene-Backend device API question

I am attempting to setup and use Mycroft entirely offline. I started with setting up the Selene-Backend and have all software installed. I am at the step for creating the API service files, specifically the device API service file which shows an environment variable is required for Google_Stt API key. I will not be using Google_Stt as I have a running deepspeech server. So my question is do I need to define that Google_Stt API key or can I leave it blank, if I leave blank how do I tell Selene to use DeepSpeech instead of Google_Stt?

Thank you for you time,

Are you setting up multiple Mycroft’s and want them all to pull configuration from the Selene backend?

If not, you can just define the speech to text settings in the mycroft.conf file on the local device. You’ll likely have to edit this file anyway to point the enclosure to your custom Selene backend.

Here’s a working excerpt for using deep speech STT:

  "stt": {
    "module": "deepspeech_server",
    "deepspeech_server": {
      "uri": ""

If you just want to stop mycroft calling out to the default servers, add the following to your mycroft.conf:

"skills": {
    "blacklisted_skills": [
    "upload_skill_manifest": false
"listener": {
  "opt_in": false

You’ll need to merge those fragments with your existing settings of course.