'./scripts/prepare-msm.sh: No such file or directory' on start

I see the following error when I start mycroft:

~ ~/mycroft-core/mycroft.sh start
/home/oren/mycroft-core/mycroft.sh: line 3: ./scripts/prepare-msm.sh: No such file or directory
/home/oren/mycroft-core/mycroft.sh: line 3: ./scripts/prepare-msm.sh: No such file or directory
Started mycroft-service
Started mycroft-skills
Started mycroft-voice
Started mycroft-cli

Here is my config file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25160173/

If anyone can paste the original conf file that might be useful. I barely changed anything so it should be identical.

You can find the original conf file here in the github repo.

I tried replacing my conf file but i still see an error regarding /home/oren/mycroft-core/mycroft.sh: line 3: ./scripts/prepare-msm.sh: No such file or directory.


how to reset my laptop without uninstalling and re-compiling everything. it’s 20 minutes to compile mimic so i need an easier way to reset things.

I got the answer on slack. I have to cd into ~/mycroft-core first and than run ./mycroft.sh start.

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