Scheduled Maintenance - Mycroft and Mycroft Home

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At 04:00 UTC May 22, 2019, Mycroft services and will be disabled for a major scheduled maintenance. We’re updating our backend with a new system and launching a redesigned

The update will begin at 04:00 UTC on Wednesday, May 22. We’re expecting the entire process to take about two hours.

Check your local time here.

During this time, you will not be able to use your Mark I device, or your Picroft or Linux Desktop instances of Mycroft. No action is required by you, your devices will return to normal functionality once services are restored.

This update gives us the base we need to continue adding functionality to Mycroft, and will lead to new opportunities for skill developers in upcoming releases.

You can expect a more stable connection between Home and your device, Single Sign-On to more Mycroft web properties, deeper integrations with the Marketplace, a fresh visual interface, and even some new features.

Once the update is complete, we hope you’ll explore the new site and try some of the new features. If you run into any issues or have any comments, please let us know below.



Maintenance is still contuniue ?

I’m getting this message →

It seems I cannot connect to the Mycroft servers. Please wait few minutes before trying to speak to me. voice.log
I’m having trouble communicating with the Mycroft servers. Please wait few minutes before trying to speak to me.

Hi nsevinc,

We are still ironing out some small issues with the update, so please bear with us :slight_smile:

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Maintenance Complete

There was a brief issue with the wakeword spotting after the update, but this has been resolved with a new Mycroft Core release (19.2.9) which should be automatically installing on field devices over the next few minutes. This completes the major portion of the upgrade. We have identified a few minor issues:

  • Github login to Home isn’t functioning.
    As a workaround you can either use another social login that has the same registered email address as your Github account, or you can use the Reset Password functionality along with your registered Github email address.
  • Skills requiring OAuth will need to be re-authorized.
    This includes Spotify and the Remember the Milk skills.
  • Markplace installs via the Add button are not functioning.
  • The installed Skills Settings list might contain entries with unusual looking names (such as “AlarmSkill–44a4559260b3f70c76122bcf2f99c41c”). This occurs if you have a device with is still running an older version of Mycroft Core.

We will resolve these over the next day or two, but for now I’m sending everyone to bed – it was a long night for us!

P.S. If you notice anything unusual or unexpected, please let us know either here or in chat at