Scheduled Downtime:

Hi everyone, is going down for scheduled maintenance at 0500hrs CST / 1100hrs UTC / 2200hrs AEDT. Anticipated outage is 30 minutes; outage window including buffer for change backout is 1 hour.

Technical notes

The host is being resized to cater for additional growth and as a resolution path for an issue we are experiencing in upgrading Discourse, the software that runs

Best, Kathy

Good luck for your maintainance work!.

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As part of our culture of transparency and openness, I want to report that;

  • The resize was successful, however it did not solve the upgrade issue so the size has been reverted to previous state (it was only worth resizing up if it solved the upgrade issue, it’s easy to resize so in 3-4 months when we really need it, it can be easily done)
  • The upgrade issue will be tackled separately. We suspect some sort of dependency issue with a db_migrate issue in Discourse.
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Thanks for the god work. It was hard being out community for such long time (15 min is long time all alone) :smile:

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