Say "Please" and "Thank you" to mycroft

I heard a report on the radio. one speaks with language assistants always in the command tone “play music” but among humans “please play music”. you could set up in the (intent heandler) in the core “Please” and “thank you” and after about 10 times a sentence like “you’re nice”. “please” is always clear in German and English. what do you think of this idea

i could make a skill for that, i think good manners should be encouraged, but i don’t think this should be part of the core at all

quick skill recipe:

  • listen for utterances
  • detect good manners
  • count number of occurrences
  • wait for end of intent / intent failure (user just spoke so something will happen)
  • compliment user back
  • reset count (also reset on a timer if no user interaction)
  • randomize number of times before complimenting user again ( 5 to 25 ?)

do the same for profanity but reprimand user instead of complimenting

It would be important that this works globally independent of the skill. since the keywords can come in the middle of the request for another skill in my opinion this is not so easy. But I think that this can be attached to skills and integrate well.
Blame I do not think so good.

what i described above is a “passive” skill, it works globally

example, bold is mycroft, italic is user

  • “hey mycroft, play the news please”
  • news play
  • “hey mycroft, can you please tell me a joke”
  • chuck norris joke
  • “hey mycroft, please tell me the price of bitcoin”
  • bitcoin price
  • you have really good manners, i like you

the last sentence would be sent by the “good manners” skill, but it was activated because the user said please in the previous 3 commands

thank you exactly that’s what I mean. I just have no idea about:
- the weather is today at 30C …
“Thank you”

that’s what I meant

it would always compliment you after you used good manners, not out of context.

what i mean is after the last given order, it would check if you used good manners, if yes it would wait for the intent to finish and then compliment you back.

but always only if you used good manners, never in an unrelated sentence

about “thank you”, mycroft has a default skill for that and should answer you’re welcome

what i think about that is that mycroft should support multiple hotwords and detect thank you without hey mycroft first, like in this video

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just like that. Unfortunately, my skills are not enough to do it myself, I like to support it

support welcome but not required :wink:
shameless self promotion -

there is a pending PR for multiple hotwords

work in progress, didn’t have a lot of time to test most of it

Funny, I’ve always used “please” and “thank you.”

To the latter, It replies “you’re welcome” or “my pleasure.”

It doesn’t have any particular reaction to “please” though.

I realize that many people love their voice assistant so much, that they want to apply good human manners to them. But PLEASE these are machines and should be considered as such, just clear straightforward commands! This is adult behaviour toward a machine.

machines == tools, helping you create an habit of having good manners is a great usage for a tool don’t you think?

it’s not like it won’t obey if you don’t say please, but if you do it will reinforce that habit

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