Save utterence on Mark 1 device

Hey, I edited the configuration file to save utterence on the mycroft running on the PC. I want to do the same for my mark 1 device, but the configuration files is pretty different and there’s no option to save utterance in this case. How can I save recording on mark 1?

or if there is another way to access the spoken .wav file, because the documentation mentions that it is stored in-memory

Hey there,

I’m assuming you just added something like the following to your mycroft.conf file?

"listener": {
    "record_utterances": false

On the Mark 1 this is owned by the mycroft user so is located at:
or there’s also

Thanks, I changed the config file and set save_utterance to true, but I can’t figure out where mark 1 saves the recorded files because on linux the saved utterances are stored in tmp/ folder but its not the same for mark 1.

what user’s running mycroft? Check in their home dir/tmp and /tmp folders?

I finally got it working, mark 1 needed to update a few things to get it working. If anyone wants to look in the future the utterances are in the tmp\ folder, just like on linux.