Running Homescreen Skill on Rasbian Desktop

I have mycroft-core running on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I’m using Rasbian as an OS. I recently installed the homescreen skill and I am just wondering if there is a way to start it up via terminal or how to even get homescreen running. Is it something that will only run if I am running mycroft-core on Rasbian Lite?

Hey, just replied over here:

Your best bet on the Pi would be using Ubuntu 20.04 but I haven’t tried it so really not sure if it will “just work” or what fiddling around will be needed.

Alrighty. I may have to save the modifications I have made to my skills and do a fresh install with Ubuntu 20.04. I am currently using the full Raspbian with GUI because my plan is to build a small robot assistant that can move around and utilize Mycroft. I kind of figured I needed Ubuntu server or something like that to install and utilize homescreen, but I wasn’t quite sure. Thanks for your response.

I used this and it works well on my RPi4. There is also directions for a RPi3, which I have used also, but cant seem to locate the link right now.

This is also discussed in this thread. @guhl is awesome for making this work.