Restarting audio

I’ve got Mycroft on a middle-aged Lenovo laptop running Debian “Stretch” with KDE. A known peculiarity of this type of system is that WLAN doesn’t come back up properly after the lid is shut/opened, but I’ve fudged that using a script run manually.

When the system comes back up, Mycroft can’t handle sound input but /does/ respond as expected to a typed-in command (e.g. ‘What’s the weather’). The mic level indicator on the diagnostic display is all over the place, so far I’ve had no success trying to restart the audio by itself.

What’s the best way to attack this?


Did you try to restart mycroft-audio and PulseAudio?

I tried restarting mycroft-audio but not pulseaudio. Is that done from the command line in the same way?

Try pulseaudio -k followed by pulseaudio -D - but this might fail as this depends on your operating system and Mycroft installation type (Picroft vs. Git) voice followed by voice appears to work, restoring both normal Mycroft functionality and the meter display.